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Custom build, parts list

Hello. I am moving soon and planning to sell my trike beforehand and purchase another at my destination. I would like some input on what to buy. For medical reasons I can not drive, and i need an adult upright trike. This would be a commuter vehicle, up to 150 miles a day (rural locatated job that requires traveling). I'm not sure if this is even something doable, but it is my preference. I want to hire someone to build it, i just want the choice in all the parts, the issue is I'm not sure what parts i need or the best base trike to go with.

How fast do you want the electric tricycle to be able to go?

20-30mph? I'm pretty flexible as long as i can use it consistently as reliable transportation.
Okay, 20-30 MPH is no problem. I need to ask a few more questions to figure out the motor and battery pack size.

Will the trike be used on flat ground only or will it need to sometimes or often times go up gentle hills or steep hills?

Will you be able to recharge the trike at work for 6 or 8 hours before riding it home?
The ground will differ based on which direction i travel, i live in south texas, so hills- of both nature, are common. Most likely I wont be able to charge it for more than 4, but each trip can easily differ.

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