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Charging a 48v scooter

I recently retrofitted a 24v 500w motor on a 3 wheeled mobile scooter, works great for my first prototype, 14 mph with current sprocket. I currently charge it by disconnecting the batteries & charge one at a time. I bought a 3 pin male charge plug, something you'd see on a electric schwinn scooter to adapt, can I use any 3 pin charger to charge? My current new project is similar but I'm going 48v 1000w. Found a charger that's 12v 6amp, is that a better route then a 48v 2.5 amp charger? Any help would be great. Thanks
3-pin XLR charger plugs and ports are commonly used for electric scooter, bike, and go-kart battery charging purposes. Currie uses 3-pin XLR charger plugs and ports which are rated for use with battery chargers up to 15 Amps, although they are rarely used with chargers over 10 Amps.

To compare 12 Volt and 48 Volt chargers for recharging a 48 Volt battery pack I presume that four 12 Volt chargers would be used at the same time so all of the batteries in the pack could be recharged at once. Four 12 Volt 6 Amp chargers would output more than twice as much Amperage as a single 48 Volt 2.5 Amp charger so they would recharge the batteries in less than half the time, however, the cost to purchase four 12 Volt battery chargers compared to one 48 Volt battery charger may not make it an economically viable decision.
Well that's the thing, I was only going to use one charger like the Schwinn 350 I have, the charger is just a little 2 amp charger that plugs into the port & charges both batteries, I was hoping that I could do the same on my next build. Thank you for your help. So i could wire them in series to get my 48v then just to buy a 48V speed controller and wire in a three pin female plug and purchase a 48 V charger? If correct I also had a hard time locating a high power 48v charger, mainly just 2.5 amp. Thanks
Yes, you have got it right. I do not think that anyone carries a High Power brand 48 Volt 2.5 Amp battery charger, however, there are other brands of 48 Volt 2.5 Amp chargers that will do the job.
Ok thanks for the all the help

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