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Bladez XTR-HD 550 upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my Bladez XTR-HD electric scooter.  The current controller is blown and i am looking to replace the controller the motor and the throttle.  Any suggestions of part number would be much appreciated.  I want to maintain the 24v setup since i have an upgraded charger already.

Do you want to keep it at 500 Watts or are you looking to upgrade it to have a more powerful motor?

Looking to upgrade it to a more powerful motor.  I would like a new controller and throttle as well. The finger throttle is just not my thing.

Bradez scooters use unique and uncommon parts so none of our motors will mount directly into the frame as the original motor was mounted. Installing a non-OEM motor onto the scooter is a custom job that may require drilling and possibly metal fabrication. We list dimensions of our motors to help with determining how to mount them. We can also take custom measurements of our motors on request if different measurement than what are listed are needed.

We have 24 Volt motors with power ratings up to 750 Watts. Our 24 Volt motors over 500 Watts have small cases though so they typically do not provide any more torque than our 500 Watt motors with big cases.

In order to see real power gains over the original 500 Watt motor a 36 or 48 Volt 1000 Watt motor is recommended.

Here are links to our 24, 36, and 48 Volt motor pages:

We can recommend a compatible controller and throttle once the motor that will be used has decided upon.

Please let us know your thoughts and we can take it from there.

I was looking at the 24v 750 watt Currie motor, C80-8775.  I need to know the measurement from the mounting surface of the motor to the pinion sprocket.  I have no issues with fabrication or re drilling motor mounting holes.

C80-8775 is not one of our item numbers for a 24 Volt 750 Watt Currie motor. Our item numbers for 24 Volt 750 Watt Currie motors are MOT-SD175 and MOT-SD175FW which can be viewed on this page:

So we can get the correct measurement, which item number of ours would you like the measurement to be taken from?

Also, would you like the measurement taken from the mounting surface of the motor to the inside, center, or outside of the pinion sprocket's teeth?

The MOT-SD175.  please take the measurement from the mounting surface to the center of the teeth of the pinion.  Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply, we are extra busy around this time of year because of the holiday. For our MOT-SD175 motor, the distance between the motor's mounting surface and center of the pinion teeth is 11.4mm.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we may help you with.

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