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Performance scooter forks - E-zip 1000

Hey, guys. I have an E-zip 1000 I’d like to make some modifications to for off road use. Having a direct-drive motor, while quiet and efficient, it doesn’t offer many options for gear ratio mod. I can live with the limited speed because it’s quiet and virtually maintenance free. The weak point on this scooter is the front suspension. The frame is well built and the mono rear shock has tons of travel but the front forks are terrible. They’re good for bumps but with an upgrade on the front suspension and some knobby tires, this scooter would handle pretty well in off-road conditions. I’ve serviced the front forks and they feel nice but they have less than an inch of travel and bottom out hard just riding off a 5” curb and I weigh 135lb. I’m not trying to make a dirt bike here, I just want something I can have a little fun with in the city. Does anyone know where I can get performance forks with some decent travel for a 12” wheel with disc brakes? -Johnny
Unfortunately, we do not know where to find performance forks for the eZip 1000 electric scooter. However, if we do find a source for them in the future we will let you know.
Thanks for the reply. In that case, how can I know what springs I have in the forks? I’ve had them apart for service and there’s no writing on them. I’d like to find heavier springs. I don’t weigh much but I lose at least half my travel just standing on the footboard. This is perfect for smooth riding but these forks only have about an inch of travel to begin with so I could definitely go heavier on the springs for off road use. Any ideas?
We don't have any experience with upgrading front fork springs so we cannot offer any advice on that subject.

The only company we know of with experience in that field is TF Tuned. Here is their link:

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