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Razor E100 mild offroad mod?

I notice the rear wheel on the Razor E-100 is very narrow, making it "dig in" if the scooter is ridden on grass or any "non-hard" surface.  However, I also noticed there is a lot of lateral room where the rear wheel is, enough to accommodate 2 or even 3 times the width of the single rear wheel.  So my question is, would it be possible (and advisable), to make the scooter run better on non pavement surfaces (such as low grass, packed dirt...), by adding a 2nd or even a 2nd and 3rd rear wheel to distribute the weight better than just a single rear wheel?  What parts would I need to make this work?  Would I need to cut custom spacers?  Is 2 evenly spaced rear wheels recommended or might 3 be better?  Any drawbacks to this mod?  Thanks.

Two or three wheels would have to have better weight distribution than one. We don't know what parts it would take to do it though or if custom cut spacers would be needed. Not sure if 3 would be better than 2 but 3 would distribute the load better. The only drawback I can think of is that dual or triple wheels have a tendency to get rocks, or in this case maybe pebbles, stuck in between them. No big deal though just unlodge the pebbles if any get stuck after riding and its ready to go again.

I would think the 2 wheels/tires would have to be very closely spaced (or even touching each other) to work effectively on turns, as if they were spread apart by a few inches, some "funky" stuff might happen when the scooter is turned sharply (such as it will work well on straightaways but then might "dig in" again during sharp turns.  A better solution would be to run a wider single tire/wheel combo but I doubt one in available for the E-100.  That would be a good aftermarket kit to sell... that is, a "mild" offroad kit for people that have a sizable backyard or maybe live on or near a farm.  The kit would consist of a very wide rear tire (similar to the front tire on the E-100), along with the maximum size wheel sprocket that would work (perhaps in the 55 to 60 tooth range), all ready to install.  For "mild" offroading, perhaps the weight limit would drop from 120 pounds (for pavement use), down to maybe 100, to further help alleviate "digging" in.

How about just replacing the rear wheel on this scooter with a much wider one that is better suited for offroading?  It seems like this stock rear wheel is suited only for hard surfaces, which limits it functionality.  Is there any replacement rear wheel that is wider, but not larger in diameter?  A friend of mine dissuaded me from pursuing the 2 stock rear wheel idea, although it is probably better than no mod (for offroading).  Any suggestions?

We do not have any 6" diameter rear wheels that are wider than the original E100 wheel. If you can't find anything that will work then you might want to look into picking up a new or used E300 scooter which already has a fairly wide pneumatic rear wheel along with a more powerful motor.

I have to ship the scooter overseas and I think the E-100 is already at the size limit of the box so the E-300 would likely have to be disassembled to fit in the box which would be a hassle for the receiver to put back together.  It is a shame that the gear ratio on the E-100 is already close to maximum reduction (9/47) and can only mildly be further reduced to 9/55 (slowing it down from about 10 MPH top speed to about 8.5 MPH top speed).   That should help slightly for offroading but based on my experience from riding my bicycle offroad, an even larger gear reduction would have better such as an 8 tooth front sprocket for 8/55 and a top speed of about 7.5 MPH. Safer for small kids and easier on the small low powered motor.

With the E-100's rear wheel off I took some measurements.  It seems like the axle spacer on the left (non sprocket side, viewed from the rear of the scooter), is 1.75 inches in length but an entire 2nd wheel assembly (with the sprocket removed) is about 2 inches wide.  So if I use the 2nd rear wheel assembly as the "spacer", it will allow about 1/4" less usable threads on that left side (viewed from rear) but I think that is close enough to make it work since there are about 5/8" of threads on each side of the axle.  I am not sure how it will affect turning but I guess the best way to know is to try it.  Since it will be mostly kids in the 50 to 100 pound range riding this modded scooter on flat dirt (with pebbles, sticks... removed), it might work with the gear reduction and the dual rear wheels.  I tested the stock scooter (with 9/47 sprockets) on a slight upgrade with me on it (180 pounds) and it struggled to get up that hill (but it did it). So my main point is even on pavement it can use a little extra reduction to help out with the hills.  I will try it first on that same hill with the gear reduction and report back here and then I will try the dual rear wheel AND the gear reduction and report back about that as well.

What about putting an E-200 rear wheel on the E-100?  Is that fairly simple to do?  If so, that might solve the offroad riding problem I am having with the E-100 with the stock rear wheel.  I would compensate for the larger diameter rear tire by using a rear sprocket much larger than the stock one.

I do not think it would be simple to do. The E200 motor may not fit under the scooter and need to be mounted above the frame instead of under it. The controller would also need to be upgraded to a 250 Watt unit and a variable speed throttle installed. 

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