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Tin Lizzie Conversion Revisited

I read the Tin Lizzie Conversion topic with considerable interest in that I have one myself (being a Shriner) and use a 5 hp. Tecumseh motor in mine.  I would like to convert to electric also and I have some of the parts.  (Buying them before finding your conversation topic. :(  )

My questions are:  Did the 24 tooth gear work for the other chap? Do you supply that gear (couldn't find one listed in your catalog) and the motor I am using (36v, 800w) does not have a mount.  Can you supply motor mounts?

My controller does not have a reverse.  Not sure if I would use it much though.  Parades are fairly straight forward.  By use of relays, is it possible to change the polarity of the motor wiring to achieve reverse? 

Lastly, the chain.  Would the length of the chain for the other chap's car supplied be OK for mine?


Bob Turner

Yes, the 24 tooth sprocket for #25 chain with 5/8" ID did work for our customer's Tin Lizzie electric conversion project. We have these sprockets in stock and just added them to the website a few minutes ago. Their item number is SPR-2524C and they are now available on this page:

We do not carry motor mounts for 36 Volt 800 Watt motors however that motor should have threaded holes on its front and back sides that a custom-made U-shaped steel motor mount could attach to. I have seen people make these type of motor mounts from multiple hardware store L-brackets. A metal fabrication shop could also be hired to make the bracket if you want it to look professionally made.

Reverse can be achieved with a reverse switch or reverse relay or contactor. Here are links to these parts:

We have wiring diagrams available that show how to wire our switches, relays, and contactors to be used for motor reversing. These wiring diagrams are available on the pages that these parts are sold on and I also attached them to this reply.

The 100 link chain in the KIT-428 Tin Lizzie Kit was long enough for our customer's Tin Lizzie car so if you have the same car then it should work for yours also.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you for the fast response, especially during the holidays.  I wish I would have found your site earlier as you have all the pieces needed. I am ready to place an order now and I know I will be adding more in the future.  Thanks so much.


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