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e300 wheel and motor mounted to a Flowboard

I mounted a Razor e300 wheel and motor to a Flowboard and it works better than expected. To work the throttle I hold the grip in my back hand and push the throttle body with my thumb. The on/off nature of the throttle makes for a jerky ride. So far I've been most impressed by the tight turning radius. I can plant my hand and turn around it. Longer radius turns at speed are a bit wobbly.

 The addition of car hood dampers has help somewhat but more tweaking seems to be in order. I would like to upgrade to a variable speed throttle and lithium batteries. Any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive way to do that would be appreciated. My next iteration of the motorized Flowboard will have the drive wheel mounted between the feet. Half the wheel will probably come up through a hole in the deck. I'm not sure how it will track when laid over in a turn. The side wheels of the Flowboard will be travelling in an arc while the drive wheel be heading forward. 

Thanks for starting this topic and uploading those photos. That looks like a fun project to work on and ride.

We don't know of any places to get inexpensive lithium batteries, however, upgrading the electronics to have variable speed would not cost very much.

A variable speed throttle such as our item # THR-93 and a variable speed controller such as our item # SPD-24350B could be installed to give the Flowboard variable speed control.

That's great thanks a lot! So, I'm visualizing another design with two drive wheels mounted on sprung swingarms, one under each rail. They would need to be pretty small. I guess I'm getting ahead of myself though, better start with the one wheel concept first. 

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