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I need some help about escooter batteries

Hello everyone. I have an e-scooter 350watt 36volt 18ah battery. I'm still a newbie in scooter things. I'm just puzzled my fully charged voltage is 41.2v. I bought a higher capacity of battery but why cant my scooter travel further. I used to use a 10.4ah battery which gave the similar reading. What should I change so that my battery can be use fully.. Thank you in advance for assisting me..
The Voltage of a fully charged higher capacity battery pack will be the same as the lower capacity battery pack that it is replacing. This is normal and does not affect the range that the battery pack will provide.

New lead-acid batteries need to be formatted before they reach their full capacity. So, in the beginning, the range will be lower than normal and the range will increase with each battery pack discharge and recharge cycle. After somewhere around 50 deep discharge and recharge cycles the new battery pack will be formatted and provide its maximum capacity and ride time.

New lead-acid batteries start at around 85% capacity when new and climb up to 100% capacity after being cycled around 50 times. So a new 18Ah battery pack should have more capacity when new than a fully formatted 10Ah battery pack. If the new 18Ah battery pack is providing less ride time than the old 10Ah battery pack then something may be wrong with one or more of the new batteries, or a problem with the scooter such as a dragging brake or low tire pressure may be causing the problem.

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