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What motor does the 7 tooth D bore sprocket for #25 chain fit on?

I noticed 7 tooth D bore sprockets for # 25 exist and they are for sale online.  What motor do these mount on?  I am wondering if that motor will fit on the E-100 so I can use it instead of the stock motor with the 9 tooth motor sprocket.

Also, is there any way if the D bore is too small on this 7 tooth sprocket, to make it larger to fit on the stock E-100 motor?  Can I take a dremel type tool and very slowly and carefully nip out a new larger D bore or would I have to take this to a machinist to get it done?  I think 7 and 55 tooth sprockets would be almost ideal for offroading because it would drop the top speed from 10 mph to about 6.6 mph (to about 2/3rds of stock speed).  That is very significant and should help greatly.  Thanks for any helpful info.

We do not currently carry the 7 tooth sprockets for #25 chain so I do not have one to measure the ID of and know what motors it fits. It is such a small sprocket that I do not think it could have a 10mm bore and could only have an 8mm bore which is the right size for the E100 motor. 

Motor sprockets are hardened which makes grinding on them difficult, however, it may be possible to grind or have it machined to have a larger ID.  

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