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Help with mx650 shock and torque.

Ok so I'm having trouble with my mx650 and I couldn't find any videos online about it. I'm talking about tightening the back shock. I don't know how or if you need to buy a special tool.

Also about torque. I'm thinking of getting a bigger front sprocket. is there any recommendations for something like this? also I'm upgrading my motor to 48v 1800w. 

There are tools specifically made for tightening shocks like the Razor MX650 has. If you enter 'dirt bike shock tool' into a search engine they will appear in the search results. To avoid buying a new tool which may only be used one or two times the shock could also be tightened with a plumbing wrench or by tapping on its tightening bolt ridges with a punch and hammer.

A bigger front sprocket will increase speed and reduce torque at the wheel, and a smaller front sprocket will have the opposite effect. We have a top speed and gear ratio calculator which can be used to determine the top speed with different size sprockets. 

Thank you! I am pretty new to this so this was very helpful. :)

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