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Wiring problem

Hi I have a question for you and I hope you can help me out with this problem I'm having. I have 6 wires here 3 wires are thicker than the other 3. Two wires which are red and black. I believe both of the wires are connected to the plug which goes into the battery pack and there is a red with white stripped wire reading 12v. Their are 3 thicker wires which I connected the black to the black wire to the controller. Their is a thicker red wire also and which I connected that one to the red on the controller. The last wire is a yellow wire which also reads 12v to. Can you help me out with this problem I'm having please and thank you. My question is where does this 12 yellow connect to. Oh by the way do you ha a voltage chart that you could send over if toy don't mine. Please

We cannot make very much sense out of this. Would you be able to provide more information such as wiring diagrams or wiring directions for the parts, or maybe photographs or drawing of the parts and wiring?

K let's try this again shell we lol. I have these 6 wires I my bike . I ended up hooking the red + wire to the input to the converter and the black - wire to the converter as well. I also connected the red+ wire and the black - wire to the controller which leaves me two wires reading 12 volts. 1 wire is colored yellow and the other wire color is red with white strips. I have a charger port that I'm trying to wire and I would like to know what color wire should a 12v connect to through the charging port. . .and where would the other wire should go.

What is the Voltage of the vehicle's battery or battery pack?

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