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Upgrade Go Bowen Mars to 36v

I have the 24v Go Bowen MARS ATV. 

I'd like know what parts I can use to turn it into 36v 800w. Can anyone post a parts list? Has anyone here done this mod? What speed were you able to reach & what was the battery run time?



I see kits for some razor bikes that include everything to upgrade, is it possible to make a kit for this project as well?

Yes, we could start working on a kit for it. What type of goals do you have for the modification? Do you want it to be a lot faster for use on flat ground? Or want it to be a little faster and be able to climb steep hills or go through deep sand and mud? Or???

I don't have a ton of hills around me but it would be nice to gain some speed and the ability to traverse small hills. 

I can not find very much information on the Go Bowen Mars ATV online and all I was able to discover is that it has a 24 Volt 350 Watt gear motor. The gear motor that it has commonly has a sprocket for #410 (1/2"x1/8" chain) so that is most like the chain size it is running.

Would you be able to take some measurements to help me determine what motor would be a good candidate to upgrade it with? Here is a list of the information that is needed:

  • Rear tire diameter (height from the ground to the top of the tire)? 
  • Axle sprocket number of teeth?
  • Motor sprocket number of teeth?
  • Chain pitch (distance between two adjacent chain pins, probably 1/2")?

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