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What type of light bulb does tail light LIT-805 use and is there a 48 volt replacement for it?

I have a 48 volt system I want to use the light on without using a converter. I already have LIT-448 and 748 turn signals installed with a SWT-32 Switch Cluster. I plan on getting the LIT-150 for a headlight and don't want to use a converter just for a tail light.

LIT-805 is a sealed unit so its bulb is not accessible or replaceable. From looking through its lens when it is illuminated it looks like it has a grain of wheat type bulb inside of it. 

We do not currently have a 48 Volt replacement for LIT-805. That is something we will try to get if they are available though. 

Other customers of our have successfully used trailer clearance lights as electric scooter taillights by replacing their 12 Volt bulb with a 48 Volt bulb. Our 48 Volt bulb item # BLB-483 fits the Optronics MC32RB (single bulb) and Reese 7380311 (dual bulb) clearance light. Lowes carries the Reese 7380311 clearance light so it may be available locally.

Thank you for the quick response and information. I will look for those locally.

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