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Fat Tire changes

I'm rebuilding and re-wiring out fat tire scooter with your help. 

I'd  love to know a couple things, I have seen 'kits' as a customer package with the wiring all ready to go and basically being plug and play. So I was hoping to do that with the following, I want to make sure everything is compatible. 

Controller- SPD-481600BLDC

Throttle- THR-128

Power Switch- SWT-23

My only real issue I'm seeing is the connections for the input power. My battery have the ring terminals, would I be able to add on a service for you guys to change the input to ring terminals as well? Thank you!!! 

All of the parts that you listed above are compatible with each other. We could install connectors on the throttle and switch which plug into the controller for an easy installation.

We can also custom make a battery pack wiring harness with ring terminals that plugs into the SPD-481600BLDC controller. To make the battery pack wiring harness we would just need to know how long to make the jumper wires and how long to make the controller connector wires. Here is a drawing to help with that.

If you could let us know if 5m or 6mm ID ring terminals are needed, and the lengths of wires A, B, C, D, and E then we could make a part number for the harness and post it here.

If you would like for us to install matching connectors on throttle and switch then we would need to make a kit out of all of these parts. Please let us know how you would like to proceed and we will take it from there. 

Thank you so much! 

My husband has decided he would really like the voltage meter and would love for you guys to make this kit for us here are the specs. 

We would like the input power wires on the controller changed to 6mm ring terminals, the rest of our battery pack appears compatible. 

Otherwise we'd love the following all together ready wired in a kit if possible 

THR-115K (hoping to replace the power switch and throttle for this model, but the wiring is a mystery for me.)


 if this isn't possible please let me know.  thanks so much for your support! 

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