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Battery Cable size and and speed controller sizes different

Hi, The AWG of the battery is 12 and the speed controller cable looks around 8 AWG. Is it safe for these different size Cables to be connected to power the scooter. The battery has two 10 AWG (Red) cables and two black. So there are 4 cables in total from the battery. There is only one black and one red from the controller though. Is thus a problem? Thanks in advance

There is no place for a fuse in the battery pack connector that you attached a photo of. The fuse is in the scooter's original battery pack which is no longer installed on the scooter. 

The best place for the fuse is between the positive battery pack wire or positive battery pack set of wires in this case, and the battery pack connector.

Ok thanks, is there a specific fuse you could recommend for this kind of pack with it using 4 wires?
Actually I just thought that I'm going to solder each of the 2 sets of wires to a single wire so that will fit into the fuse box perfect

ATO and MAXI fuses are the most common type of fuses used for electric scooters and bikes. ATO fuses are available up to 50 Amps in our store, however, are more commonly available abroad up to 30 Amps. MAXI fuses are available up to 120 Amps. We carry both of these fuse types on our Fuses Page and we carry fuse holders for them on or Fuse Holders page.

If I buy the fuse holder with the 10 AWG wire will it be safe still as one end of the fuse wire will be soldered to the speed controller wire which is only about 8 gauge and the other end will be attached at the battery end which is 12 gauge. Is it still safe with 3 different size wires on the same circuit?

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