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44 tooth sprocket for Razor E300 scooter help?

Hi, I'm looking for a 44 tooth wheel sprocket for #25 chain to fit the 4 bolt pattern of the razor e300. Does anyone know where I can find one please? Thanks

We have a 44 tooth wheel sprocket for 8mm (T8F) chain that fits the Razor E300 scooter which is our item # SPR-844.

To use this sprocket our 11 tooth motor sprocket for 8mm (T8F) chain would need to be installed on the motor which is our item # SPR-811D. 

Since the Razor E300 scooter's original sprockets are for #25 chain when switching over to 8mm (T8F) sprockets the original #25 chain will need to be changed over to 8mm (T8F) chain.

For the Razor E300 scooter with an 11 tooth motor and 44 tooth wheel sprocket for 8mm (T8F) chain, the size of 8mm (T8F) chain that is needed is 78 links.

The SPR-844 and SPR-811D sprockets can be purchased on our 8mm Sprockets Page.

The 78 links of 8mm (T8F) chain can be purchased on our 8mm Chain Page.

I was ideally hoping to put a 15 tooth motor sprocket on it also. I have already bought the motor sprocket which is for #25 chain, so I was wondering if I was to have a 44 tooth wheel sprocket made that I can use with the #25 chain, then what are the actual specs I would need to ask for. Ie centre hole size and 4 bolt pattern measurements etc? I genuinely have no idea what I would specifically need to ask for.

When having a custom sprocket maker or machine shop make a sprocket to fit onto a freewheel here are the specifications to give them for the sprocket:

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