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razor ecosmart scooter


i would like to increase the range on this scooter. i would like to add a seond battery pack of 9ah batteries. questions are, is it best to draw off of all six batteries while riding or should this be wired as to where i can draw off one pack until low and then with a switch or a plug begin to draw off the second pack? and if the second option is used, do i need to have a second charger for overnight charging? last question, if we opt for the second option, can you supply all the necessary parts? plugs, switch ,etc.

thanks in advance for the help.

Dan Z. 

If all six of the batteries are replaced at the same time and with the same brand and Ah rating of batteries then power can be drawn off of all six batteries at the same time. With this type of wiring, only one battery charger would be needed to charge all six batteries at the same time. 

If the second battery pack is made from new batteries and the original batteries are not replaced with the same batteries that the second battery pack has, then power should not be drawn from both battery packs at the same time and the scooter should be wired to draw power off of only one of the battery packs at a time.

If the second option is used then two battery charger will be needed to charge both battery packs at the same time, or one charger could be used to charge one battery pack at a time.

For the second option, we carry all of the parts needed such as the battery pack selector switch and second charger port if charging both battery packs at the same time is wanted. 

Here is a wiring diagram showing how to wire the two battery packs to an SWT-154 battery pack selector switch and a CNX-W6.3MH-4T connector housing. 

When wired as shown above the battery selector switch will select which battery pack is being used by the motor, and also which battery pack the battery charger is recharging. 

To recharge both of the battery packs at the same time the original charger port should be disconnected from the controller and wired directly to the first battery pack, and a second charger port should be wired directly to the second battery pack.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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