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Razor E100 Variable Speed Twist & Go Modification Kit

Morning, I'm building a go kart for my daughter using a Razor E100 as the powertrain. Looking for a controller and throttle kit to eliminate the push start feature on the scooter if there's something available? Also, given that the kart is probably twice the weight on the original scooter is there a kit option that would futureproof the system should I need to upgrade the motor to something more powerful perhaps a 300w? Any help with this project is much appreciated Thanks Kenny

We have a kit for the Razor E100 scooter which has a variable speed controller and throttle and converst the scooter from having one speed to having infinitely variable speed.. 

Also, if you are interested a go kart kit that has a more powerful motor than the E100 scooter does then we have them available in motor power ranges between 250 Watts and 1800 Watts. These go-kart kits can be found on this page:

Thanks for the reply, the E100 throttle and controller would be ideal. Thanks Kenny

Here is our basic razor e100 variable speed kit which is our item # KIT-E100. Here is the link to it:

We also have the same kit with a throttle top speed limiter which is our item # KIT-E100-SL. Here is the link to it:

On the Razor E100 scooter, the original throttle and brake lever are not compatible with the variable speed controller in the kit so we had to include a new throttle and brake lever to make all of the parts compatible with each other. The kit contains everything needed to convert the E100 scooter to have variable speed control and to remove the push-to-start feature so the scooter starts running as soon as the throttle is twisted.

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