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2 razor e100 hybrid thing?

So this is kind of weird, i know, but im going to have 2 razoer e100 scooters soon and a razor e100 will not work super well for me so i was toying around with the idea of making some kind of hybrid vehicle or taking the motors and putting them on one chassis. So i have come up with a few ideas and i was wondering other peoples opinions, my first thing that came to mind was obviously trying to stuff two 100 watt motors on the one scooter and trying to see f that would work, but i quickly realized that that would be extremely hard to do and i thought of some other ideas. a few of my others ideas include putting the scooters side by side and removing the handlebars on one  and using the other one for steering. My best idea that i think would be lining up the 2 scooters end to end (like a limo)() and having 2 separate drive trains.

i dont have a big budget ($20). 

As for wiring i was going to see if i could use one throttle connected to two separate controllers and 2 separate batteries and motors.

If you have any suggestions i would love to hear from you

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Sell those, add $20, and get a nice E300 or E300S with the wide tires.

Actually, if you were to make some type of double sprocket contraption, you might be able to use 2 motors on the same chassis.  There would be a short chain from the front motor sprocket to the rear motor's 2nd sprocket.  Make sure they are the same # of teeth such as 11 each.

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