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Need the max power and distance from my metro

About 45 days ago I purchased the razor eco-smart metro I was moderately happy with my purchase but I needed much more out of the machine faster TopSpeed longer distance better climbing hills and a smoother ride the suspension is terrible. So I did a full upgrade I took the batteries from seven amp hours to 14 from 36 V to 48v and last but not least I have read the speed controller from 500 to 1000 . I’m going to try to out and see if I’m satisfied before I switch over to lithium which is like four times more expensive and monies a little tight for me right now my question is I’m expecting more than double the range given that I’m going from 7 to 14 amp hours per battery. I am a little apprehensive and I’m not sure if I’m overdoing it will my 36 V motor be able to handle this without running too hot will everything back together hoping for some tips advice anything that could be helpful . My bottom line is I’m trying to get to at least 27 miles an hour and at least 24 mile range without recharging is that I’m vicious or reasonable expectation

I ran some calculations and it looks like on flat ground a 24 Mile range may be able to be realized with the 48V 14Ah battery pack, however, the calculation was very close so it may or may not fall a little short of that. 

Whether the motor runs too hot when overvolted to 48 Volts depends on how much of a load is applied to the motor and for how long. With some overvolt modifications the motor lasts a long time and with others, the motor burns out very fast. 

OK thank you that’s actually very helpful and if I can get 24 miles out of it even 20 that would be a great improvement and very worthwhile so excited . My last question is I have the four batteries thousand watt controller a charger on the way so do I need one cable to hook up the new battery to the power supply some wire cutters or what else do I need to connect everything and get it running thank you

For installation of a new battery pack and controller, along with wire cutters, we would expect to need wire, 1/4" tab terminal connectors, white wiring connectors, and a terminal crimping tool

The Razor EcoSmart scooter controller and wiring harness are a unique design which will not work with most other speed controllers, so you will need to start from scratch on the wiring harness between the batteries and controller, and the power switch will run directly to the new controller instead of being in the wiring harness between the battery pack and controller. If a new battery pack wiring harness is made and the controller's wiring directions are followed then everything should go together very well. 

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