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slick revolution charging port

need these replaced if any ideas? looked online nothing is exact match and supplier not helping

Do you need a complete charger port assembly to replace the one that has broken? Or do you need the two-prong wire connectors made with reddish plastic?

Both would be ideal , where is possible to find these?
Also brushless motor is 36v

We just added the Red Wire Connectors to our site today. They are available on our Red Wire Connectors page. We ordered a box of them today so they will be in stock in around a week. 

For the charger port, we just need to know if the end of the charger plug that fits inside of the charger port is 3/8" diameter or 1/2" diameter, and if the charger plug polarity is standard or otherwise. Here is a drawing showing what standard 3P charger plug polarity is.

Looks like charger is 1/2 and port is 1/2 too, need the port with wires fitted please and the charger polarity goes from left 3 , 2 not used and 1 positive which is on the right

We drew some verticle lines on your photo and the plug's head appears to be matching up closest to the 3/8" marks on the tape measure.

The charger plugs with 3/8" heads (3PS) are marked differently than the ones with 1/2" heads (3P) as shown in our previous reply and they have a different standard polarity. Here is a drawing showing what standard 3PS charger plug polarity is.

We have the 3PS and 3P metal ports in stock so can make the charger port as soon as the red wire connectors arrive. 

Could you please double check the charger plug's head size and polarity, and also let us know how long the wires are between the metal port and red connector?

It's definitely 3/8 as you said and it's 3p I need, the wires are about 4 inches long and need to be able to handle 36v motor and 13 amps I believe

Once the red wire connectors arrive we will reply again to work out the details for the charger port. These red wire connectors are rated at 30 Amps continuous duty. If you purchase a red wire connector set with wires attached for use with a 36V 13 Amp motor then the one with 12 gauge wires will be best-suited for it.

think my battery has died, will be finding another scooter , my big thanks for helping me find parts :)

You are welcome. If there is ever anything that we can help you with in the future then please let us know. 

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