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Razor e 300 battery upgrade

Just ordered a brand new razor E 300, I was wondering would it be possible to only upgrade the battery to a 46 Watt battery? I’m really not interested in any more speed just longer battery life before the next recharge. Thank you

Razor has already stuffed the largest size batteries that could possibly fit inside of the E300 scooter's battery box so to modify the scooter to have larger batteries would require raising the footplate. Two 12V 15Ah batteries will fit in the battery box and stick up around 1-1/2" above the frame.

Two 12V 12Ah or 12V 15Ah Batteries

Two 12V 10Ah Batteries

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

If I put in the two 12 watts 15 amp Batteries how much more extra right time will I get? With the factory batteries they claim that I get a 40 minute ride time
With the Factory 24 V batteries you get 40 minutes right time. What is the ride time with the two 12V 15ah batteries?
What would the extra ride time be?

The extra ride time with a larger battery pack will be between proportional to over-proportional to the increase in the battery pack's Ah rating. For example, if the original 7Ah batteries provide a 40 minute ride time then 14Ah batteries would provide a ride time between 80 and 88 minutes depending on the conditions that the scooter is driven under.

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