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Razor EcoSmart Scooter Battery Upgrade Conversion

The batteries in my eco metro razor scooter are 12v-7amh ,I've had the scooter for about 3 years and I'm assuming they need to be changed out as I'm only getting a 15 min run time as of now, my question is,how high of a voltage and amp can I go with,without having to switch out any parts,wiring or charger on my scooter? Ty in advance

I used three 12 volt 12 ah batteries. They sit side-by-side 3 in a row just fine you may have to add some extra long wires.

You could upgrade to three 12 Volt 15Ah batteries without having to change any other parts except for needing longer battery pack wires. We could even make a 12V 12Ah or 15Ah battery pack for the EcoSmart scooter that has a new wiring harness with long enough wires already soldered onto the batteries if you are interested. 

Razor solders the battery pack harness wires onto the batteries for good reason because if the wires are not soldered onto the batteries and are connected with push-on terminals then they tend to come loose after a while and cause problems down the road.  

It seems like maybe they designed the EcoSmart scooter for 12Ah batteries and then at the last minute decided to use 7Ah batteries instead to help keep the cost down. For even more runtime than 12Ah batteries, we carry 12V 15Ah batteries which are the exact same size as 12V 12Ah batteries and will provide 25% more runtime. 

Three 12V 12Ah or 15Ah Batteries Installed In the Razor EcoSmart Scooter

I have 3 12v15ah batteries, with a full charge how much distance on flat land should I expect to get?

We would estimate around 90 minutes on flat ground so long as there are not too many stops and goes or headwind along the way.

Now is it necessary to upgrade my speed controller to 800 or even 1000 W?

If the original 500 Watt motor is being used then we do not recommend installing an 800 or 1000 Watt controller because the original 500 Watt controller is perfectly matched to the stock motor. 

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