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EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Front Forks

Does anybody know what forks would fit on the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter that have suspension with brakes? Thanks.


We do not carry or know where to get Razor EcoSmart forks that have suspension and brakes. 

Oh we don't? I was hoping maybe someone has tried it and new of one that fit. I guess ill check elsewhere then..

No we don't, we are only able to get the original EcoSmart forks which do not have shocks or brakes. 

This topic will be picked up by the search engines soon though and when that happens maybe someone will see it who has installed a shock fork that fits the EcoSmart scooter. 

In the meantime checking elsewhere is a great idea and if you are able to find a shock fork that works on the EcoSmart please reply to let this forum know so other EcoSmart owners will have an easier time finding it. 

Thank you. If I do find something out I will definitely reply back.

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