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Which wire goes where?

Hi, I am trying to change over the old razor e300 throttle to a new one but am facing this issue. The wires at the new throttle have one black one red and one green. At the scooter end there is 2 orange and 2 brown. (Images attached) I cant get the throttle to power the scooter when I twist it. I'm assuming the combinations or wires I'm putting together are incorrect. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
(2.51 MB)
(2.37 MB)

A three wire throttle with red, black, and green wires is not compatible with that controller. 

The only throttle which will work with that controller is our item # THR-53 throttle which is available on the Razor E300 Parts page. 

                        THR-53 Throttle

Ok thanks for the reply. Alternatively I could change out the speed controller?

Yes, you could custom install a variable speed controller and then use the 3-wire throttle with it. This will upgrade the scooter from single speed to variable speed.

In around 3-4 weeks we will have a plug-and-play variable speed controller that fits the Razor E300 version 11 and 13+ scooters which are the scooters with single speed controllers like yours. Once we get these new controllers in stock then they will be plug and play with the scooter except for it original throttle, and a 3-wire variable speed throttle or 4-wire variable speed throttle with battery indicator light can be plugged into it. 

Brilliant, I'll re post on this thread in around a month and hopefully if you have them in stock by then you could send me the link on here so I know which one it is for sure.
Good morning I wanted to follow up to see if this set up would work for the E300. I saw on the site you have a variable speed controller available SPD-24250. Is this the unit that you are referring to when you said plug and play? I’ve also attached a variable throttle I’ve purchased. Will this throttle work with the speed controller SPD-24250? Thank you.

Hi Robert. The SPD-24250 is not plug-and-play with the Razor E300 scooter. To convert a single speed E300 scooter into variable speed requires a kit that we sell which includes a throttle, controller, and wiring adapters. 

Here is a variable speed plug-and-play kit that we carry for the E300 scooter:

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