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Bladez xtr s 450 watt upgrade

I recently purchased two old 450 watt xtr-s models that need some tlc. I am thinking of upgrading the batteries first to increase range. They currently get 6-8 miles per charge on sla batteries before the ride starts to get choppy then i recharge in about 3.5 hours with stock charger, the light turns green and im ready to go 6+ miles again. Which batteries would you reccomend that fits without too much modification that would get a little bettet range? How about a lot better range? Could i plug in two 50 ah 12v in series if i place them on the deck (assuming they wont fit under, or could the high amps potentially cause a problem? Can i safely overvolt the stock motor and controller to 36v or 48v, ride for 2-8 miles straight and expect to get any life out of the setup? Are there 48v motors ( and controller/ throttle kits) that fit easily on my xtr s? Thanks. Presto

We do not have an XTR S 450 scooter in the shop so not sure if larger batteries would fit without modifications. Installing batteries with a higher Ah rating will not cause any problems because the controller only demands as much current as it can handle from the battery pack. The extra weight of very large batteries could possibly cause a problem in hilly areas though due to the extra weight and extra load placed on the motor. 

Nothing can be safely overvolted. When overvolting there is always the risk of burning out the motor and/or controller. 

Due to the non-standard size motors on BladeZ scooters, we do not have any plug-and-play or bolt-and-go kits for them. Modifying a BladeZ scooter to have a different motor would require custom installation. A kit such as KIT-48300 is an example of a 48 Volt 1000 Watt kit that would typically be used to modify a scooter to 48 Volts. 

We can make a custom kit with different parts chosen specifically for your modification. 

Hi I got an 450 blade Z electric scooter and don’t start , I test the batteries and motor and is in good condition with the full charge in the both batteries when I turn on the switch the light just blinks in red and I don’t know why I test the wires already everything is good only the last thing what i want to do is change the module controller but i can’t find the correct part can you help me please thanks

A blinking red light indicates three possible problems:

1. The throttle is not at the zero throttle position when turning on the scooter.

2. The battery pack is under 19 Volts when the power switch is on which indicates a problem with the battery pack or charging system if the battery pack has recently been recharged.

3. There is a problem with the controller. 

If it winds up that the controller is causing the problem then original plug-and-play controllers are no longer available so a different controller and throttle would need to be custom installed and wired into the scooter. 

Rene Cadena or anyone else: I have an entire original 450watt Bladez xtr-s with original controller, motor and everything for sale. I will sell you the whole thing or just the controller or whatever little parts you might need that is no longer made. Just post on here in this threaf if you want any original Bladez parts that are no longet made and i will send you them at a reasonable price asap. I would also like to say thank you to staff for responding to my question.
So now that I understand upgrades to my bladez scooter will have to be custom, I think that is ok because I am handy enough to attach some wood to the frame and mount any motor into any position I want to. My next questions are 1) what motor do you sell that has the most torque for acceleration and hill climbing? (I was confused reading specs on low and high voltage and amp setups and rpms and gear and wheel size ratios. It seems like many of the good output motors of different voltage have the same rpm which I think relates more to top speed but only confused me more) 2) which motor do you sell that has the highest top speed? What is the highest real world top speed of this motor that you have witnessed on which setup? Thank you!

Presuming that an appropriate motor to rear wheel gear ratio is used then the higher the Watts rating that the motor has the more torque it will have and the higher top speed it will be capable of. Our 60V 2000W brushless motor is the most powerful motor that we currently carry and it is capable of a 35 MPH top speed on flat ground. 

Presto chango how i can contac you let me know

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