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Crazy cart xl motor upgrade

Hi there. I have a eventcenter in Denmark where We use The crazy cart XL. I have upgraded the battery’s for 36v. 36amp lithium battery’s. But when we use it for 1 hour the motor get hot and we change a lot of motors all the time. Do you have a better quality motor that fits or we can make to fit, then I really like to know. I have got a much better programmable controller that controls the power better than the original. There is also motorbrake built in. Very nice and advance quality controller. Looking forward to see som good advice.

We recently added dimensional drawings to all of our 36 Volt Motors to help our customers determine if they will fit on their vehicle when performing upgrades and modifications.

Since these drawings are so new to our site you may need to click on your browsers "Reload" button to see the changes on the webpage. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi again.
I am thinking to use this motor 36 Volt 750 Watt 2600 RPM Currie Electric Scooter Motor with 11 Tooth Sprocket Item # MOT-SD36750

But I really like to know if and how much it is better than the original Razor Motor????

And how can I make it fit on the cart. The original motor have this mounting bracket.
Can I weld a bracket on this motor or do I have to use the holes????

Will there be any problem using a 36V-36Amp Lithium battery for this motor?


We have not yet installed and tested an MOT-SD36750 motor on a Razor Crazy Cart XL so we are not sure how it performs or lasts compared to the original motor. We have a 36 Volt 1000 Watt motor item # MOT-SD361000 which is similar to the MOT-SD36750, however, it is more powerful and has better cooling so it should outperform and outlast the MOT-SD36750 motor. 

We have had customers weld mounting brackets onto our steel motor cases before but we do not recommend doing this because there are magnets glued onto the inside of the case and we are not sure how much heat the glue can take before it will let go of the magnets. Due to this, we recommend fabricating an L-bracket that the front of the motor bolts onto to mount the motor. 

The controller limits the amount of current that the motor receives so as far as the motor is concerned it only receives power from the controller so it does not matter what type of battery, whether it be lithium or lead-acid, is connected to the controller. 

Hi Martin

I'm looking to set up a Crazy Cart racing facility in New Zealand, I'd love to talk with you about your event center.

Can you email me please at

Thanks for your help

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