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Overloading Razor EcoSmart?

 Got my adult daughter an EcoSmart and since she has never ridden anything like this before we took it out to the backyard to let her get used to using the (very twitchy) throttle, just walking it along and trying to get a smooth rather than jerky start with it.

After less than ten minutes of trying to find that sweet spot, though, the wiring harness started smoking at the motor, so we shut it down (of course).  Was this just from running it off and on repeatedly, or do we have an insulation problem with her new scooter?

I'm too ignorant of electricals to know.


The EcoSmart scooter has fairly high gearing so using it in the backyard at slow speeds must have lugged the motor which overheated the wires. For future test rides, we recommend using an empty parking lot and running it at higher speeds to prevent lugging the motor.

Okay.  Thank you very much.  Will do.

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