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Crazy Cart XL

I have a Crazy Cart XL and I am wanting to upgrade it, Possibly to a Larger motor, possibly brushless? I really don't know the pros/cons between the motors. I am also wanting to know if I could put a controller on it with braking capabilities? or is that in the motor? We live on pretty hilly area and for outdoor play it is a lot of fun except for trying to stop it on hills. Really main downside I see to the cart. I was thinking I would need to wire in a second pedal for braking. I'm not sure if it would try to make the motor go into reverse. Thoughts? And Thanks in Advance for any help and advice.

We have technical drawings with dimensions for all of our motors for help determining which motor will fit. The electronic braking is in the controller. The only controllers we have that provide electronic braking are some of our brushless motor controller models. Controllers with electronic braking (e-brakes) will help to slow the vehicle down, however, they will not bring it to a complete stop when going downhill. The controller's e-brake works when the throttle is released or a brake switch contacts are closed and could be wired to a normally open momentary footswitch to apply the e-brake. 

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