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Push reel-mower conversion

I recently converted a push reel mower (scotts circa 60s) with parts from a Razor e200. The only real change is a 5k pot on the green control line to control top speed. The mower actually works quite well and moves at a comfortable walking pace on turf, given the load from the reel. On a flat surface it moves much faster. The reel and cutting bar are sharp and the bearings well tuned. The motor, controller and batteries sit on the extruded aluminum frame shown in the picture. It's survived several weeks of use. 

For the next iteration, I'm thinking of of a much higher gear ratio to drop top speed and boost torque. The real load comes from the wheel to reel gear ratio which is at least 5:1 (a small twig or tall grass can gum it up). 

  • Currently the gear ratio is 5:1 (11T to 55T #25). The best approach seems to be to use a geared motor and probably reduce the wheel sprocket (like the wheelbarrow application elsewhere on this forum). 
  • The wheels are 9". I'll probably tread them with a all terrain bike tire for better 

What do you suggest I use for the motor (and will I need a different controller for the motor)?

Further down the road, I'd love to add a drive to the other wheel, throw in an Audrino, radios, ditch the handle and go hands free. Maybe next year. 




The Razor E200 scooter has a 200 Watt motor, however, its controller is the same one that is used on other scooters with motors up to 250 Watts so it will work with a 250 Watt motor. Anything over 250 Watts and we recommend installing a more powerful controller along with the new motor. You could try a larger motor with the original controller and see how it goes though. 

We have 24 Volt gear motors with mounting bases available in 350 Watt, 450 Watt, and 650 Watt versions. From looking at your photos it looks like the MOT-24350G 24 Volt 350 Watt gear motor would be a great fit for the mower. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The 350W gear motor looks like a good fit. I'll also need at a minimum:

  • a controller 
  • #25 sprocket on the motor (11T if possible)


#25 sprockets are not available for gear motors so you would need to change the wheel sprocket over to one for 1/2" x 1/8" (#410) chain. We have a good variety of #410 sprockets to choose from on our Bicycle Chain Sprockets page. 

I spoke too soon about a #25 sprocket not being available for the gear motor. I just found a box of 19 tooth sprockets that fit the 24V 350W gear motor which is not listed on our site yet. We will go ahead and get this sprocket listed and then I will reply with a link to it. 

Sounds great. Can you also spec a higher rating controller (I see your kits that use this motor spec a 500W controller)? If the controller supports variable speed, could you spec a throttle to go with it. The current throttle from the e200 is just on/off. 

My apologies for the late reply. A 24 Volt 500 Watt variable speed controller is compatible with the 24 Volt 350 Watt gear motor. Some good choices would be our 24V 500W SPD-24500B variable speed controller and THR-84 or THR-73 variable speed twist throttle. The THR-73 twist throttle has a switch built into it that could be wired as the main power switch for the controller which would make it very easy and convenient to turn the mower's power on and off. 

The 19 tooth sprocket for #25 chain that fits the MOT-24350G gear motor is now listed on the site and is item # SPR-2519G1 which is sold on our #25 Motor Sprockets page.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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