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first pedal `` function into an `` instant start ``


 Hello, i would like to know how to transform  the ``first pedal ``  function
into an `` instant start ``  on my B-36 KIT

Thank you

We are not familiar with the B-36 kit. Could you give us a little more information about it?

It is a 2004 36v brushless hub motor 400 watts and 750 peak with a PVM variable controller

PS: It is a Wilderness Energy kit

The original controller is factory programmed for that "pedal first" pedal assist (PAS) function and we do not know any way to change its programming. A new controller which does not have a "pedal first" pedal assist function could be custom installed so the bike has an instant start twist-and-go (TAG) function. All of the 36 Volt brushless motor controllers that we carry have instant start twist-and-go programming. 

Do i need other parts for the installation of the controller

We do not have a Wilderness Energy B-36 kit here so we are not able to make that determination. Our controllers have links to their wiring directions at the bottom of their descriptions which show what connectors are on them and what functions the connector wires have. The installer will need to compare the controllers with the kit and determine if a controller is suitable for the application and what connectors are needed to modify the existing wiring harness to work with the new controller. 

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