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Upgrading Ecosmart Metro to 1000w Motor

Hello, I'm planning on ordering the Unite 48 Volt 1000 Watt Electric Scooter Motor MOT-481000 from you guys and installing it onto my Ecosmart metro. Another forum user here did this but didn't explain much in how he mounted it to the frame. He stated though, that he didn't modify frame in order to do so. I'm guessing I'll need to drill a hole at least.

I'm not very mechanically inclined, and wondering if you guys thought this would be a doable project for a novice. I'd be happy to share pics to document the process for others. Thanks. 


Included is a picture of the 1000W motor user Robert Dunkle installed onto his Razor Ecosmart. 

(Moderator's Note: MOT-481000 IS NOT BOLT-AND-GO and it requires custom installation plus a 48 Volt battery pack and controller.)


We do not know any details about the installation other than what is in the forum topic. 

From looking at the photo we can tell that he had to drill a couple of holes to mount the new motor and that he may have had to shim the wheel sprocket out a little from the freewheel with washers to get it in alignment with the motor sprocket. 

Also, the MOT-481000 motor has a sprocket for 8mm (T8F) chain and we can see that T8F chain was used and the wheel sprocket was changed over to a sprocket for T8F chain. The Razor Ecosmart's original wheel sprocket is for #25 chain.

Here is the link to the forum post with the green Ecosmart scooter that Robert Dunkle modified:

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