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Razor E325 version 41 Variable speed controller ?

Hello,  is there a variable speed controller and throttle that's compatible with the E325 version 41 ?  If so, whats the part number?  I cant seem to find one that says "variable speed".


We had plug-and-play variable speed controllers for Razor E300 and E325 version 20+ scooters custom made for us and they will be arriving this Friday. After they arrive then we will make a kit with them and the compatible variable speed throttle that works with them. 

We will post a link to this kit here next week after we locate the controllers in our shipment and inspect them to make sure they were made with the right connectors. 

If you do not receive another reply from us by the middle of next week then please let us know to help remind us. Thank you.

Hi just wondering if you had any update on this kit?

Just bumping for an update.

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