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Bar Stool Rider

Due to my aging body, multiple sclerosis and the fact my boys play travel baseball, I find myself struggling to walk around all day from field to field. I’ve seen a couple of those cooler carts and thought..very cool, but not really for me, but gave me ideas. I weld and fabricate as a hobby so I want to create something, not purchase something. I’m thinking of something like the attached bar stool setup picture, and towing a small trailer behind with gear. I’m 210, lbs and I would estimate towing around 125lbs of gear. 11” tires overall, max speed of 15mph, and focused more on torque, and long run time, say 2hrs a day if possible. I’d love a reverse too...have been looking at 48 and 60v systems and 2000w motors. I don’t want to start anything until I can get the power train ironed out. I appreciate all the guidance you all can provide! Todd

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