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freewheeling supplemental motor (Hillclimbing)

I have a small backpackable foldable elec scooter-skateboard that has a 24v 6 ah batt with a 200-watt hub motor and about 80 mm tires that does not do hills( Zar). I will add a 2nd wide rear axle (about 18in) with a pair of air-filled 6in tires that would have the 2nd motor on a spring mounted pivot for the friction knurled roller so my foot can apply the necessary pressure for tire contact on hills.
Or preferably a belt drive 6in tire on that axle with a freewheel clutch or one way bearing to coast when the hill climbing motor is not needed.
This is the motor I bought with the thumb throttle.
  24 Volt 400 Watt MAC® Brushless Motor with Built-In Speed Controller Item # MOT-B24400  
I  will use an 8 ah 140 watt 24 v battery just for this motor if needed.

1 Does or Would this motor need double ball bearings for friction drive application?
2 Would this motor be acceptable for short hills with my battery choice?
3  Recommend please friction knurled roller for the shaft of this motor (in case I go friction drive)
4 Recommend belt cogs for the shaft of this motor. I can deal with the tooth count and belt length later.
5 Recommend a matching drive gear Belt Cog with a Freewheel Clutch or one-way bearing for the tire to be able to coast without belt rotating, please.

Recommendations appreciated. 

 Scooters is constructed with carbon fiber and aluminum that is why I did not consider the steel chain drive. I will reconsider if you recommend as necessary.


We will answer your questions below:

1. The 24 Volt 400 Watt MAC® brushless motor's shaft has two sealed deep groove ball bearings so it should be able to handle the pressure of a friction drive roller without any problems. 

2. The 24V 8Ah battery pack will supply plenty of current to the motor so that should not be a problem. 

3. We do not carry any friction drive rollers so we do not have one to recommend. 

4. We do not carry any belt cogs that fit the MOT-B24400 motor.

5. We do not carry any belt cogs for motors that freewheel. We have and will list soon a wheel belt cog that bolts onto a freewheel and will have that available soon.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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