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Upgrading battery pack.


I have a 2000w 60 v electric scooter with Lead acid batteries. 

Would i get more performance switching to Litium batteries? 

And whats the best way to do it? 
Can i just take out the 5 12v 12amp batteries and switch to same size litium batteries connect them and just go out for a ride?

And do i need a new charger? :D 

Best regards Alexander

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Since the scooter has lead-acid batteries it should have a controller has a low Voltage cutoff (LVC) designed for lead-acid batteries which shut off the motor at around 52.5 Volts to protect the battery pack from over discharging. 

The low Voltage cutoff level for lithium battery packs varies widely between manufacturers so you would want to choose one with an LVC close to 52.5 Volts so the battery pack could be deeply discharged and the longest amount of range could be realized. 

The maximum current limit of the controller should also be matched up with the lithium battery pack, otherwise, the battery pack's BMS could shut the pack down if its maximum current level was exceeded. 

12 Volt Lithium batteries such as our LiFePO4 batteries require individual charging so if five of them were installed then five charger ports would need to be installed and to recharge all of the batteries at the same time five battery chargers would be needed. Our 12 Volt LiFePO4 batteries also have maximum current level ratings that cannot be exceeded without them shutting down until a battery charger is connected to them. These 12V 12Ah LiFePO4 batteries have a maximum discharge current of 20 Amps and a 60V 2000W controller most likely has a maximum current rating of 40 Amps so they would not be compatible with each other. 

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