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Why are scooters faster than mobility scooters ??

Wondering why two-wheeled scooters are faster than mobility scooters.

I have a single seater electric golf cart that goes the same speed as a mobility scooter. I'd like to increase is speed. It has a 36 volt 1000 watt motor. I'm guessing the controller limits the power to the motor and I'm wondering if there are any controllers available the will allow full power to the motor. I suspect this is what enables two-wheeled scooters to go so much faster.

The reason for the difference in top speeds between recreational scooters and mobility scooters is to make the mobility scooters safer by limiting how fast they can go. Mobility scooters are fairly top-heavy once the rider is sitting in them so in order for them to negotiate corners without rolling the top speed needs to be fairly slow.

Usually, on both recreational and mobility scooters the top speed is governed by the battery pack Voltage and the final gear ratio to the wheels and not by the controller. Due to this installing a different speed controller will most likely not increase the top speed.

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