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Custom Battery Box for E300 Scooter with 3 12V Batteries

Product Code: KIT-E300-1000B You sell this kit with no mention in the description of where to fit 3 batteries. Doesn't anyone make a larger battery box for the E300? I ended up making my own.

KIT-E300-1000B is a modification kit which requires custom modifications to install. We do not provide modification instructions and leave that part of the job up to the installer. Not all of our kits are modification kits though. Some of our kits are conversion kits and these kits can be installed without modifications. Most of our kits are modification kits though. 

We do not know of anyone who makes and sells those battery boxes. 

That is a great looking battery box that you made. I would not be surprised if other people here on this forum who are modifying their E300 scooter ask you to sell them one of those battery boxes. 

Im not liking this throttle that comes with this kit. It's too easy to turn on especially when I have it parked and/or locked up when I use the train. Is there an alternate throttle that plugs in the same way or something I can add to the scooter to prevent someone from turning it on and finding it dead?

The connector on the controller with red and blue wires is the power switch connector (labeled "power lock"). You could unplug the throttle from this connector and then wire the original power switch to it if you want. This way the throttle would not need to be replaced. 

We carry key switches if you would like a power switch that you can lock in the off position. We have Panel Mount Key Switches and also Throttles with 36 Volt Battery Indicators and Built-In Key Switches.  

On request, we can install connectors on any of our throttles so that it will be plug-and-play with the SPD-361000B controller. 

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