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Battery upgrade evo 1000w

Hi. I have a 1000w 36v uberscoot with SLA batteries. I was thinking of replacing with your Item # BAT-LIF12V8AH. Will I be able to use the original charger that came with the scooter?

The 36 Volt 1000 Watt Uberscooter electric scooter has a controller that consumes around 30 Amps of current at full power and our BAT-LIF12V8AH LiFePO4 batteries have a maximum discharge current limit of 10 Amps so they are not compatible with the scooter.

12 Volt LiFePO4 batteries need to be individually recharged so they are not the best choice to make battery packs out of and it is better to use a 36 Volt battery pack instead so that it can be recharged with one battery charger. LiFePO4 batteries should not be recharged with lead-acid battery chargers and should only be recharged with battery chargers designed for lithium batteries. 

Thank you for the quick response. Would I need a new controller to go with the 48V pack? Do you have a conversion kit available for purchase that would be appropriate for the Evo 1000W?

Hi Cindy. 48 Volts was a typo and I meant to write 36 Volts. I have the typo corrected now. I recommend keeping the Voltage at 36 Volts since that is what the motor is designed for. 

Do you have a Lithium battery that would be compatible with my scooter?

The EVO 1000 has a controller with a maximum current draw of 35 Amps. We have one lithium battery that is suitable for the EVO 1000 scooter because its maximum continuous current level is 50 Amps, however, I am not sure if it will fit. Here is the link to it:

Our 36 Volt lithium batteries jump from 30Ah to 50Ah without a 40Ah in between is the reason that we have such a large battery for it. A 50Ah battery will provide a 2-1/2 hour run time at full throttle though so the range would be high with it. 

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