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question about the ecosmart scooter

random question for the experts here. i have a route i travel once a week its 5.8 miles from my house to the location and 5.8 miles from the location back to my house. sadly i dont have the option to charge the scooters batteries at my destination as its a therapist's office

so i guess im wondering will this razor ecosmart scooter get me to the location and back to my apartment in one single charge

lets assume the total trip there and back would be 12 miles total just to be safe

now i live in tucson arizona so mostly flat roads at least on the roads i travel

now one thing to know is im only at this location for around an hour and a half they don't allow scooters or bikes inside the building hence why i cant charge it plus an hour and 30 mins is not long enough to charge it anyway

so thanks for your time

please answer this question assuming im using the stock 7 amp hour batteries as well as your upgraded 15 amp hour batteries

With the original 7Ah battery pack, an 11.6-mile trip may or may not be possible depending on the riding conditions.

With the 15Ah battery pack upgrade an 11.6-mile trip would be no problem at all. 

any idea how long your 15 amp hour batteries would last before needing to be replaced most of my research tells me about 6 months before they stop charging

When properly maintained our batteries will last 300-400 deep discharge and recharge cycles or 2-3 years depending on which comes first and they have a one-year manufacturers warranty. 

Proper battery maintenance requires recharging the battery pack after every use and recharging the battery pack every 30 days if the scooter is in storage or not being used. 

can you explain or clarify what a deep charge cycle is?

A deep discharge and recharge cycle is when the battery pack is deeply discharged, such as during a long ride, and then fully recharged. Shallow discharge and recharge cycles will place less stress on the battery pack and the battery pack will experience a longer lifespan than it will with deep cycles. 

if im understanding you correctly a deep discharge is similar to draining a battery below 20% than recharging it to full 100% correct

Yes, that is correct. Discharging the individual 12 Volt lead-acid batteries down to 11.66 Volts (20% state of charge) is considered a deep discharge. Most speed controllers will shut off the motor when the state of charge is down to 10.5 Volts (0% state of charge) per battery. It is better for the longevity of the batteries to only discharge them to a 20% or higher state of charge if possible though. 

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