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are there battery indicators for the ecosmart metro scooter?

ok so as most of you know i have an ecosmart metro scooter on the way being new to electric scooters im wondering is there a way to install a battery fuel gauge to my scooter to monitor battery usage when im out riding below is a pic of what im looking to install kerep in mind i dont wanna install the one in the pick i just wanna know if i can install a gauge at all not to fond of the simple led light battery indicator on the scooter

id prefer a more complex one that can give me better indications

if this is possible where can i buy the part and how would i wire it gonna have a friend of mine wire it as im not that inclined to do it

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The power wires could be tapped into to pull power for a battery indicator at the locations of the orange arrows in the attached wiring diagram. At this location, the power is off when the power switch is off so the indicator will only be on when the scooter's power is on. 

We carry a few different types of battery indicator meters on our Meters Page. 

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