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Hillman Golf Buggy


I am after a throttle for a Single  seater golf buggy it has 2 x 70 amp batteries and the thumb throttle has broke its 24v with 4 wires and a red button on it and this button activates reverse.

Do you have a  thumb or ywist throttle that would be able to do this?

Thanks Steve

The chances are very good that we have the right throttle. We do not have a parts compatibility list for the Hillman Golf Buggy though. If you could attach a photo of it that would be the easiest way for us to check, however, if that is not possible then we could attach some examples of our 4-wire throttles for you to match up with the old one.

Would you be able to take and attach a photo of the throttle to help us match it up?


Thanks for the quick reply I have taken fotos of this 4 wire 24v switch I know sometimes the red button is a stop/start but this is the reverse button for the buggy.

I would prefer a twist is possible !

Wow, that is a really oddball throttle. We carry the same model of throttle, however, it has six wires. By looking at the photos you attached I can see that the throttle takes a 24 Volt power input from the controller and uses it for the battery indicator and also converts the 24 Volt input to 5 Volts with a 78L05 Voltage regulator for the throttle's hall effect sensor to use. That is how it gets away with being a throttle, battery indicator, and switch with only four wires. 

This type of throttle is not something that we have or can special order because they are not being made like that these days. 

Our item # THR-132 throttle could be used in conjunction with a 24 Volt to 5 Volt DC-DC converter to replace the four wire throttle if wired as shown below.

Thank you so much for your help but I am in the UK by the time I add shipping to the item and get my soldering iron out ....

I will have to shell out for the £70 one available in the UK :(

The switch does work if I turn ignition on and put the loose red wire in with the green wire the motor starts but the thumb throttle with the metal/magnets in does not activate and accelerate !

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