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Turn signals for my ecosmart metro.

I have an Ecosmart metro that I have replaced the stock battery pack with a 48v lithium pack and replaced the stock controller and throttle with the over volt kit from fast scooters on ebay (im sure anyone searching for upgrades to this scooter has come accross that kit) I also have their head light which runs through the controller and has its own switch and their tail lights and brake lights. The tail light was hard on all the time the way it came so I used the origional if/on switch for the scooter which I was no longer using as I have a key now, so that I could decide when to have the tail lights on and off.

Now what I am looking to do is add turn signals. Because I already have tail lights break light and headlights many of the solutions I have seen such as a trailer converter dont seem to be the right answer because they have wiring for those pieces. What I really want to do is buy a set of motorcycle rear view mirrors that have turn signal integrated into to them and wire them to my battery using a buck converte and although I think I know how to make this work I would just really appreciate some guidance to make sure I get everything I need and wire it appropriatly so it not only works but doesnt draw on my battery when not being used or have anyother negative side effects. THanks in advance for any help.

PS I wouldnt mind throwing a horn in the mix too. 

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