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Electric scooter upgrading (not handicapped)

T415 electric scooter made by Taizhou Tongli Motorcycle Co.,Ltd Factory link More details: Scooter settings when bought: Motor 500W 60V 20A Controller 500W 60V 20A Battery 5 X 12V 20A connected to 60V 20A Scooter weight 115kg Maximum load 150kg Reaches 23-24 kmh, sluggish up-hill. Capable of carrying 2, when reaches 18-20 kmh, even more sluggish up-hill After year and a half batteries show sign of diminished capacity, range dropped 30-40% Goal is to increase speed to 40-50 kmh with 2 passengers, and torque to allow the scooter with 2 to ride uphill smoothly (I understand that is not realistic to insist on 40-50 kmh up-hill with two...) Planned or done: -----step 1----done 1) Obtained new original motor 650W 20A 2) Connected new motor with old 500W controller Results: scooter a tad slower, but more torque, especially uphill with second passenger -----step 2----failed 1) obtained different (AliExpress) controller 1000W 60A 2) installation of controller unsuccessful as wiring slightly different (afraid to burn something if connected wrong, most of the connectors fits 1:1 but three-four of them not!!?) Motor 650W 20A still connected to original 500W 20A controller, runs ok, slow but more torque planned to do Replacing batteries to more A's Fixing issue with 1000w controller Questions: - is current setting "motor 650W connected to controller 500W" dangerous? Untill now NO over-heating noticed on batteries, controller or motor even with 2 passengers - is new controller 1000w 60Am appropriate for upgrade in this case - how to correctly connect new controller? I have a diagram of original settings but NOT of new controller - do you sell controller that would better suit this settings - do you have other suggestions

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