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controller for two motors

I recently built a scooter and added an extra motor to it.   It now has 2 750 watt motors connected in parallel running off of 2 12 volt 21ah lead acid batteries.  I run the whole thing off of a homemade switch I attached to a brake cable. Its very fun and goes about 20 mph.  I'd like to switch it over to a regular controller with a throttle but the first throttle I put on it burnt out after a week.  My guess is too much current running through the two motors to handle.  How can I figure out which controller is the right size for the scooter given that it has 2 motors and nothing I've read covers this.  Also what would be the likely difference between running the motors in series and as they are now in parallel?  Thanks

If the battery pack and motors are 24 Volts then we would use two controllers so each motor has its own controller. The main reason for this is that 24 Volt 1500 Watt controllers are not very common, however, 24 Volt 900 Watt and 24 Volt 1000 Watt controllers are. 

One throttle can be wired to work with two controllers by following the wiring diagram below.

With each motor having its own controller that eliminates the need to parallel wire the motors. Regarding wiring the two motors in series that would reduce their shaft speed by 50% but not sure if it would be good for the motors or controller.

Exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks guys!

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