If the right batteries can not be found in our Browse Parts by Make and Model area because the make and model is not listed, or the make and model is unknown, then we have solutions for finding the right batteries.

The following information will need to be located to determine the correct replacement batteries.

1- The number of batteries in the battery pack

2- The Voltage (V) and Amp hour (Ah) rating of the batteries.

The battery pack is usually located under the footplate of the scooter which can be removed by unscrewing it from the frame or body. Some scooter footplates are and integral part of the plastic body and the body may need to be removed to access the batteries. Also on some electric scooters the batteries may be located under the seat.

Once the batteries have been accessed the Voltage (V) and Amp hour (Ah) rating of the batteries can be found printed on the side of them. Simply match the Voltage (V) and Amp hour (Ah) rating on the existing batteries to the same ratings on the new batteries. If the printing does not exist or has been worn off the old batteries, then one of the batteries will need to be measured in order to find the correct replacement battery. We specify the dimensions of our batteries on the Batteries Page to help with this.

Different brands of batteries do not play well with others. It is highly recommended to replace all of the batteries in the pack with the same brand of batteries at the same time, as mixing and matching different brands of batteries together can cause battery failure due to different battery chemistries not working well with each other and damaging the batteries.