• Search for Speed Controller by Scooter or Bike Make and Model

Many major brand-name electric scooters and electric bikes have easy to install plug-and-play replacement speed controllers available in the make and model parts area.

  • If a Replacement Speed Controller is Not Available

Most electric scooters and electric bikes have speed controllers which were made specifically for that model. These speed controllers may have connectors and or wiring patterns which are unique to that particular model only. This is especially true if the scooter or bike has headlights, tail lights, turn signals, or brake lights.

If an exact replacement speed controller is not available for an electric scooter or electric bike any speed controller with the same Voltage rating and an equal or slightly higher Watts rating may be substituted for the original speed controller. If the scooter or bike has lighting and turn signals then we have a good selection of speed controllers available with those features built-in, however most people choose to disable the lighting and turn signals on their scooters and bikes and install a speed controller with minimal wiring for ease of installation and higher reliability. Matching speed controller wiring connectors are available on our wire connectors page.

  • If a Plug-and-Play Speed Controller is Available

If a speed controller is available that will plug-and-play directly into an electric scooter or bike, however the speed controller is not listed by make and model, be careful when installing it because the wiring patterns going to the connectors may be different than that of the original controller. Double check the wiring to make sure that it is correct before installing the new controller. If the connectors are correct but the wiring going to the connectors are incorrect the pins can be removed and installed in different locations on the connector.

To rearrange the pins inside of a connector, use a narrow metal rod to push-on and bend the pins locking tab inside of the connector, and then gently pull the wire and pin out of the back of the connector. Next bend the locking tab back to its original position and insert the pin back into the connector in the desired location. When the pin is fully inserted into the connector and the locking tab has been correctly bent back into position the pin will make a small "snap" or "pop" sound to let you know that it has been correctly installed.

  • Speed Controller Installation Tips

Before replacing the speed controller make sure that the key switch or power switch is in the off position.
Disconnect the battery pack from the speed controller first when removing a speed controller, and connect the battery pack to the speed controller last when installing a speed controller.

Hang or block the rear wheel off the ground, or remove the chain or belt from the motor before connecting the battery pack to the speed controller. Sometimes due to damaged or incorrect wiring or faulty electrical components the rear wheel might spin uncontrollably when making the final wiring connection to the battery pack.

Do not short-circuit the battery terminals or wiring harness connector pins and make sure the batteries fit snuggly into place and that all of the wiring and connectors are in good serviceable condition.