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eKart Conversion for Kettler Kettcar Pedal Car

I have two Kettler pedal cars I would like to convert to electric gokarts for my kids with a top speed of ~10mph.  The drive train is a 1/2" bicycle chain with a 2" sprocket on the drive shaft and 10" wheels.  I would like to use a foot controller for the acceleration and have a governor on the top speed within the circuit to "train" my kids to drive these safely.  This could be mechanical on the pedal or electronic.  I was imagining 24v rechargeable supply.  As far as I can tell I need the foot controller, governor, motor, motor controller, and charger?  What parts would you recommend?

What else am I missing?

Thank you


Here is a less expensive kit I made with a 250 Watt motor instead of 450 Watts and 8Ah batteries instead of 22Ah batteries:

THR-91 steel foot throttle $29.95

SPD-ADJUSTER adjustable speed limiter $9.95

SPD-24250A controller $29.95

MOT-24250G gear motor $94.95

BAT-12V8A 8 Ah 24V battery pack with fuse protected wiring harness $49.90 (2 batteries x $24.95 each)

CHR-24V1.6A3P 24 Volt 1.6 Amp charger $24.95

CNX-515 battery charger port $5.95

3 feet of 1/2x1/8 bicycle chain with master link $0.00

Labor to kit all parts together and make a plug-and-play system with matching and labeled connectors $0.00

FedEx ground shipping $12.00

Grand Total $257.60

We could take $10 off the grand total by using the plastic foot throttle instead of metal.

If this kit looks good to you then please let me know and I will create the kit description and part number and attach link to buy it. If you want to make any changes to the kit please let me know and I will make the changes and re-total the price.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

This looks wonderful. I will buy two when the link is up and running.
Cheers, Kel

I went ahead and created the kit as described above, it is our item # KIT-131.

Here is a link to the page where it can be purchased:

On this kit and all of our other power kits we install matching connectors on every part and label them so all you have to do is plug everything together. Here are photos of the parts in the kit.

I included a mounting bracket for the motor in the kit free of charge and lowered the price down to $249.95.

I also just created a similar kit with a 450 Watt motor and 500 Watt speed controller which costs an extra $35.00. This 450 Watt kit has almost twice as much power as the 250 Watt kit. It will not have a higher top speed on flat ground but will have faster acceleration, go faster through dirt and sand, and have a steeper hill climbing ability. Here is a link to the 450 Watt kit for $284.95 which is KIT-136:

If i order #136 kit do you offer wheels and tires that will work with it?

For KIT-136 the motor sprocket is for 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chain, and chain that comes with the kit is 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chain. This size chain is commonly used on BMX bikes and cruiser bikes with one speed. This kit will work with any bicycle wheel that has a one speed (single gear) sprocket.

We offer a 26" rear wheel assembly with tire and tube that includes a 7 speed cluster freewheel pedal sprocket and 20 tooth freewheel motor sprocket which is compatible with KIT-136. This wheel is our item # CTE-26003 which is available on this page:

Anyone have any pictures of the completed project or any tips about the build?

We are considering building on top of an older Kettler pedal car with the #136 kit, but modifying it to have the controller that supports reverse, higher Ah batteries (15Ah or more) and a higher powered charger to handle the larger batteries and maybe a faster recharge time. I also see that the 450W motor claims a rpm of 500, up a bit from the 400, so perhaps a little higher top speed?

We need to confirm measurements on the pedal car to see that they match, and wonder about what people did with the pedals to get them out of the way, where/how to mount the batteries, where to mount the motor, along with any other tips.

Also, what would I need in addition if I were to move this from the Kart to a bicycle at a later date?

Would it be possible to create/price a kit with similar parts as 136, except I need a motor that has the mounting bracket attached ( MOT-24350G e.g.) and without the speed limiter.

I just made a kit like the KIT-136 except with a MOT-24350G motor and without the speed limiter. It is item # KIT-137.

Here is a link to KIT-137:

I am nearing the end of the build on this conversion using #KIT-131 and things are very smooth from the electronics side of things. I need a 3 foot extension from the battery harness connector to the connector at the controller. It's basically an extension cord as I am mounting the batteries away from the controller. Do you have this part?

Great to hear that everything is going well with the kit.  We can make a 3 foot extension cable to go between the controller and battery pack. 

Here is the link to a product page for for it:

Hello! I'm looking to a similar project but do not need batteries or charging apparatus. Would like to go 24v I'm thinking to have enough power and torque. Wails like a metal pedal. Can you put something together for me?

Hi Ed, I put together a kit similar to KIT-137 without battery pack or charger for your project. 

It is KIT-2301 and here is the link to it:

Please let me know if you would like any changes made to it.

I am thinking about this for a custom pedal car conversion for my daughter. My only concern is run time. With the two kits you put together, run times would be pretty short right? Sorry but electrics are definitely not one of my strong suits.

Hi Carl, the KIT-137 listed above has 8Ah batteries which should provide around a 1/2 hour run time on flat ground. I could make a similar kit with 15Ah batteries that would provide around a 1 hour run time, or with 22Ah batteries for a 1-1/2 hour run time. Do any of these battery pack options sound good to you?

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