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eKart Conversion for Kettler Kettcar Pedal Car

I have two Kettler pedal cars I would like to convert to electric gokarts for my kids with a top speed of ~10mph.  The drive train is a 1/2" bicycle chain with a 2" sprocket on the drive shaft and 10" wheels.  I would like to use a foot controller for the acceleration and have a governor on the top speed within the circuit to "train" my kids to drive these safely.  This could be mechanical on the pedal or electronic.  I was imagining 24v rechargeable supply.  As far as I can tell I need the foot controller, governor, motor, motor controller, and charger?  What parts would you recommend?

What else am I missing?

Thank you


This is just an idea so I am not sure if it would work but would it be possible to bolt a piece of plywood onto the frame for a place to mount the motor and maybe the batteries and electronics also?

I found a photo of a Kettler car frame online and drew a piece of plywood bolted onto the frame as an example.

Got it done! Took til 1am but made it work with some help from a friend! Would like a brake idea and a reverse option...
(2.08 MB)
(1.97 MB)

Thanks for attaching the photos, they are going to help a lot of other people who want to convert their Kettler pedal cars to electric to figure out how to do it. Those Kettcars are smaller than I thought they were now that I see the 24 Volt motor mounted under the seat.

It looks like it might be possible, unless the chain or something else in now in the way, to reinstall the original brake by cutting, filing, or chiseling a groove into the wood blocks that are bolted onto the frame where the old brake clamps used to be.

Reverse could be added by replacing the existing unidirectional SPD-24500B controller with a bidirectional SPD-24500R controller which has forward and reverse. The SPD-24500R is a direct replacement for the SPD-24500B so all of the existing connectors for the battery pack, motor, throttle, and key switch would plug right into it. A toggle switch could then be added to the car to switch the controller from forward to reverse. We could install wires and a connector onto a toggle switch which would plug directly into the SPD-24500R controller so everything would be plug and play. If you are interested in this custom made reverse switch then please let me know how long you would like the wires to be and I will make an item number for it and attach a link to buy it from.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

This is what I have so far and have little no room for a brake assembly.
(2.08 MB)

Hello ESP Support.  I am wondering if there is a possibility to use a second pedal as a break that will reverse the voltage to the motor thereby decelerating the motor while also allowed for reverse as well.

Unfortunately there are currently no controllers on the market that have the capability to use a second throttle pedal as a brake.

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