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Zooma electric scooter modification

I want to modify my zooma electric scooter to be running on higher voltage connectors and more powerful motor than the standard 350w. do you have any recommendations? I want to know the cost to modify and items needed to modify from this website.

I can make parts recommendations for that modification. Do you know how many Watts you want the new motor to be?


thanks for replying back. 1000 watts or more. can you recommend me parts for this scooter?

For a 1000 Watt performance modification the Voltage will need to be increased from 24 Volts to 36 Volts. I am not sure what size of three batteries will fit into the battery case on the Zooma electric scooter. The dimensions of our batteries are listed here on our batteries page:

You may need or want to increase the size of the battery case by raising the footplate above the scooters frame with wood (maybe 2x2's) or square tube steel risers. Or you could place one or more of the batteries on top of the footplate. I have seen customized electric scooters made with a plywood footplate that is wider than the original metal footplate with the batteries in the middle and on top of the footplate. 

Example of batteries on top of the footplate. You may not want to use such large batteries though unless you want to have a 40 mile range.

Here is a list of the parts needed for the modification other than the batteries and wire:

1 - MOT- 361000B 36V 1000W Motor $169.95

1 - SPD-CT660B9 36V 1000W Controller $54.95

1 - CHR-36V1.6A3P 36V 1.6A Battery Charger $29.95

1 - FUS-370 ATO Fuse Holder $2.19

1 - FUS-ATO40 40 Amp ATO Fuse $0.95

3 - BAT-12V??Ah Price Depends On Size Of Batteries

You can make the battery wiring harness from 12 gauge wire yourself or for $15.00 we can custom make a wiring harness for the batteries that will be plug and play with the new controller.

The original Zooma electric scooter throttle can be reused with the new controller so buying a new throttle will not be necessary.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi ESP Support,

I have bought 48V 1500 Watt brushless motor controller and  48v 1500 watt  brushless motor for Zooma electric scooter. With this Spec, Can you also recommend me  which other parts needed for this electric scooter?


Best Regards,



You are going to need a 48 Volt battery pack and 48 Volt battery charger. A new battery pack wiring harness made with 10 gauge wire will also be needed along with a 60 Amp fuse or circuit breaker. The existing power switch or key switch and throttle should work with the new controller.
Can I use the 2 12v 12 ah batteries from the old zooma and connect it in series with 2 12v 22ah batteries you guys have? If so, how do you connect it in series?
To make a 48 Volt electric scooter battery pack all four batteries must have the same Ah rating, should be the same brand, and should be the same age.

Battery Ah ratings can not be different between any of the individual batteries in a battery pack, or else the individual battery Voltage levels will become unbalanced which will quickly destroy the batteries.

Having all of the batteries be the same brand and same age is also very important. Different brands of batteries have different plate and electrolyte chemistries which may not work well with each other and could cause the batteries plates to corrode. Having all of the batteries in a pack be the same brand and same age will insure that the pack will not fail before it is supposed to.

Since our last discussion, 

I have bought: 

1500 watt 48v Sunwin Brushless Motor Controller

4 12v 12 AH batteries

60 A circuit breaker

Boma Motor 48V DC Brushless Motor.

I am having a hard time assembling this motor controller onto the zooma. I have tested the batteries to show 52v in series. When I tried to assemble it, I do not have a clear knowledge of how to put these things together. Following the instructions from websites, I know how to assemble the motor to the motor controller. Also, i just realize that the motor controller does not come with a charger cable connector like the one on zooma. 

Without prior understanding of basic electric knowledge, I tried something dumb. I used the zooma charging connector cable to try to recharge the batteries but connecting the black and red wire in close proximity to each other. Low and behold, the plastic connector melt instantly. The black and the red wire, male connectors, just disintegrate while connecting all these wires in series. 

I need help. 

1) Can you explain the wiring directions to connect all these together? Are there any more parts that I have to buy to connect these together? 

2) with the mishap that i did on the top, what kind of damage am i looking at? Is there any parts that might be damaged or parts that i need to buy? I tested the batteries, and they seem to show 13v. I do not know how to charge my batteries until now.

I am sending with a lot of attachments to get a better clear picture. 

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Part2. more pictures

I also, have much bigger motor size than the original zooma motor. As you can see, the motor is round and i need to be able to mount it. How should I mount the motor?

Thanks for all the help. I have no idea that assembling this scooter will be this hard. 

In order to install the new Sunwin speed controller the wiring directions for it will be needed. I do not have wiring directions for that brand of controller. I recommend asking the seller of the speed controller for its wiring directions and then posting them here if you still need help installing it. Once I have the wiring directions for the controller then I can draw a wiring diagram showing how to wire everything together.

The melted terminals and connectors can be replaced with new ones. I am not sure if the short circuit cause failure of any parts. If the short circuit occurred when the battery charger was plugged in you should check the output Voltage of the charger to make sure that it is working.

To install the new larger size motor a steel bracket will need to be fabricated to mount it to the frame. If you do not have metal fabrication tools then a local welding shop could be hired to make bracket and weld it onto the scooter's frame. The scooter and motor should both be brought into the welding shop so they can see exactly what they need to do and provide you with a price quote for the materials and labor.


I have inserted the image of the wiring directions for this brushless motor controller. I need to be able to recharge my battery as well and I did not see the wiring in this picture provided. Can you draw me a wiring diagram showing how to wire everything?

Best Regards,


The image inserted above is a wiring diagram showing how to wire the controller to the different parts of the scooter. Since many of the wires are not color coded they should be coded by their placement where they exit the controller. The battery pack and lock switch wires, motor wires, and throttle wires should be the only ones that need to be connected for the controller to operate. The motor wires should connect to the same color and gauge of wires on the controller. The throttle wires are the fine red, fine green, and thin black on the bottom right side of the diagram. The battery charger port will need to connect directly to the battery pack and not go through the controller.


I have just tried to connect the zooma  with the new electric controller again and it short circuit. I am having trouble connecting the battery pack, power cable, lock cable.

the motor control is the easiest to connect: the motor phase and the small motor cables are easily attached where they supposed to be. i use electrical tape for each motor phase to separate each one.

the throttle wires on zooma is fine red, blue, and black. while the connection to the new electric controller is red green and black. so, I connect the red with red and black with black and connect the green from the electric controller with blue. Is this going to be a problem?

the hardest one to configure is the lock cable and power cable together with electric switch together. first, I tried to connect all the battery in series. black cable from the battery pack are connected directly to the motor controller. The electric (on/off) switch  from zooma has two cables connected to it. One of the cables are connected to a 60 A circuit breaker then connected to the lock cable. The red cable and the other electric (on/off) switch cable are connected together to connect with the red cable to the battery pack. This  connection comes up to be short circuit when i tried to touch the red cable and the red battery pack connector.

How am i supposed to resolve this problem? can you explain to me thoroughly to how to connect the batteries when they have to be charged separately? i have bought a generic 48 v battery charger.

Thank you  


It sounds like you have the throttle wires connected correctly to the controller so I would not worry about that.

When connecting the battery pack to the controller there is usually a large spark which is normal and is not a short circuit. If you are able to connect the battery pack to the controller and the circuit breaker does not trip then everything should be fine. If there is a short circuit then the circuit breaker will trip. You may want to flip the circuit breaker off if it is a rocker type breaker, and then flip it on after the connection is made to avoid the connection spark. Of course if you are using a push button circuit breaker turning it off will not be possible though.

If you would like to draw and attach a wiring diagram or photograph of how you have the battery pack wired to the controller I will be glad to look it over and see if I notice any mistakes.

Since you have a 48 Volt battery charger the batteries can not be charged separately and need to be charged together as a 48 Volt battery pack. The battery charger port leads should be connected to the battery pack leads with a fuse somewhere in between for safety, as shown below.

Hopefully this should help with the wiring. Please let me know if you have any further questions, or if I missed a question.

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